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Perdido Beach Resort is excited to announce Aquatic Adventures will be an incredible new experience available right at our resort! Aquatic Adventures will give you the opportunity to explore the sea in different ways. We've got everything from paddle boards and dolphin cruises to snorkeling trips and introductory scuba classes! Together with local experts, we're able to provide you with a unique, fun experience in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you're looking to receive your scuba certification, or just looking to get your toes wet -- from snorkel & sail to discover scuba -- we've got something for you! 


Why Dive Here?

Alabama's Gulf of Mexico is the hidden gem of the diving world. While the reefs might not be as colorful as those in the Caribbean, the marine life is enough to get your heart racing. All along the Alabama's southern Gulf Coast, encounters with big, bold and in-your-face fish are guaranteed to take place.

Through the years, the Gulf's sparse bottom terrain has been augmented by a number of steel-hulled shipwrecks, downed during severe storms or sunk by German U-boats. For many fish species, these incidental additions to the seabed provide a place of refuge.
To add to the Gulf's variety of wrecks, several coastal communities have enacted aggressive artificial reef programs, sinking everything from ships and barges to demolished sections of bridge and decommissioned military vehicles. Each unique wreck provides a different glimpse of the marine life found in the warm Gulf waters off Alabama's coast.
Water temperatures typically hover around 80 degrees in the Summer to late Fall months, but do dip into the 60s between January and March. If you're looking for a warmer dive, schedule your trip between May and October! Water clarity, which averages 25 to 50 feet near shore, improves to 80 to 90 feet once you're 20 to 40 miles offshore.